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Hello! I'm K. A. Cook and I'm best known on Tumblr as an aromantic and stim toy blogger. I'm autistic, queer, trans, genderless, abrosexual, aromantic and disabled (by mental illnesses and chronic pain). I also write (mostly speculative) fiction about queer, trans and aromantic autistics, and I'm back on DW because I need somewhere safe to post original fiction about allosexual aromantic characters.

That and I'm furious about the wipe of the chronic pain tag.

You can find more about me on my website's about page and more about my writing on my fiction page. If you're into aro-spec creative media, please check out the aro-spec artist profiles page.

In the interest of not losing people should Tumblr implode, here's a list of my links and alternate accounts:

Personal: [wordpress.com profile] queerwithoutgender   | [tumblr.com profile] k-a-cook   | [personal profile] k_a_cook | ko-fi

Aroworlds: [tumblr.com profile] aroworlds  | [tumblr.com profile] alloaroworlds  | [twitter.com profile] aroworlds  | [wordpress.com profile] aroworlds  | [community profile] aroworlds 

Stimtoybox: [tumblr.com profile] stimtoybox | [wordpress.com profile] stimtoybox 

If I know you from Tumblr or you follow any of my Tumblr blogs, please leave a comment on this post and I'll friend you!
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